A provider of bulk liquid terminalling to third parties


IMTT is an industry leader in bulk liquids terminalling

International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) is an industry leader in the handling and storage of bulk liquid products through its ownership and operation of 17 terminals in the U.S. and two additional facilities in Canada. The terminals handle petroleum (primarily refined), chemical, and vegetable and tropical oil products for customers including refiners, commodities traders and specialty chemical manufacturers. Customers retain ownership of the bulk liquids, as well as responsibility for insuring those products. IMTT is the lessor of its more than 48 million barrels of storage capacity.

Bulk liquid storage terminals provide an essential link in the supply chain for major commodities such as refined petroleum products, basic and specialized chemicals and agricultural liquids. In addition to renting storage tanks, IMTT generates revenue by offering ancillary services including product transfer (throughput), heating and blending.  Pricing for storage and other services typically reflect local supply and demand as well as the specific attributes of each terminal including access to deepwater berths and connections to land-based infrastructure such as roads, pipelines and rail.

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